First the alleged attack:

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Note the top comment by a person claiming to be Dr. Saleh’s daughter.

TatianaYasmina: I am Mohamed Saleh’s oldest daughter. There are several key facts missing from this story. I firmly believe this is not a hate crime, rather another ludicrous attempt to subvert the proceedings in my parents’ ongoing divorce battle. Please contact me ASAP. He is by no means a victim, and I’m only sorry his emotional instability has pushed him to these lengths. This false narrative only hurts communities actually impacted by crimes like the one he’s so obviously staged. I am so sorry to all affected by his madness. MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2018

Who is Dr. Mohamed Saleh?

Folio Weekly wrote Link (Archive) about Jacksonville psychiatrist Dr. Mohamed Saleh (“Searching for Dr. Detox,” May 10), noting he was both the Jacksonville Florida’s “most high-profile” and “most bizarre” shrink: a doctor who practices magic, sells custom-made men’s suits, battles with neighbors and hopes to make a fortune in spray-on tans.

Shortly after the Folio Weekly story appeared, Riverpoint Behavior Hospital fired Saleh as its executive director (he says officials there were upset with him “for telling the truth”). His already-ugly divorce has grown more contentious (he confided to police he’s hired a private detective to follow his wife). And more recently, the doctor has been accused of terrorizing a former employee, and dumping sensitive medical records and medical waste in the yard of a property he owns.
On June 3, Tamara Stevens called police to report that Saleh had threatened her boyfriend.
According to Stevens, Dr. Saleh showed up later that day, and was violent, throwing a vase against a door and pouring a bottle of corn syrup over her clothing and other belongings.
Stevens called police at 7:50 p.m. and JSO Officer A.R. Boyd responded. According to the police report, Officer Boyd noted that Saleh “appeared to be on some type of ‘narcotics’ and was slurring his words.” He then reports, “Saleh then started yelling for [Stevens’ boyfriend Blake] Campbell to come outside. Saleh then repeatedly kicked the front door of the residence, while yelling, ‘Come out, motherf*cker, so I can f*ck you up.’ ” According to the police report, Saleh left in his yellow Hummer.
Dr. Saleh disputes this version of events.

DUI Arrest

Here is an article about his 2012 DUI arrest, link (archive)

Plead Guilty to Unlawful Dispensing of Control Substances

On April 5, 2013 Florida psychiatrist Mohamed Saleh appeared before the Florida Board of Medicine accused of having plead guilty in Nevada to conspiracy to commit unlawful dispensing of controlled substances, withholding the conviction from the Board and failing to update his Department of Health online profile to reflect the conviction.