BREAKING: Detectives have identified Roy E. Brown, 63, as the man who placed a plastic target in the yard of NAACP President Keith Caldwell Sat afternoon. Brown said he has known Caldwell for years & thought the target resembled a flower that would look nice in Caldwell's yard… — Metro Nashville PD (@MNPDNashville) May 11, 2020 Tweet Archive Link | Archive

“I think she was trying to instigate some racial issues within the university,” La Verne Police Chief Nick Paz told the Daily Bulletin. “She was sending messages to certain people, and the comments that were being sent were of a racial nature.” Link | Archive

Link | Archive Tweet JUST IN: Santa Clara Co. Sheriff's Deputy who claimed he was ambushed last January near Morgan Hill has been arrested & charged with filing a false police report. DA's office says internal investigation found the deputy staged "a shocking ambush." — Maureen Naylor (@MaureenKTVU) January 29, 2021

Link  |  Archive Pyydän anteeksi toimintaani ja sitä että olen valehdellut. Päättäjänä minun tulee toimia rehellisesti. Toimin äänestäjien luottamuksen varassa ja nyt olen rikkonut tätä luottamusta. Teen kaikkeni jotta voin palauttaa luottamuksen toimintaani. — Husu Hussein ???????????????????????? (@husu78) November 11, 2019 Link  |  Archive

3 individuals, all owners of the café have been charged with Public Mischief. Investigators believe that the initial report of a robbery was staged. Further, the anti-semitic graffiti & vandalism were also falsely reported as being done by outside suspects — Winnipeg Police (@wpgpolice) April 24, 2019 Archived Tweet Link | Archive

First the alleged attack: Link | Archive Note the top comment by a person claiming to be Dr. Saleh’s daughter. TatianaYasmina: I am Mohamed Saleh’s oldest daughter. There are several key facts missing from this story. I firmly believe this is not a hate crime, rather another ludicrous attempt to subvert the proceedings in my parents’ ongoing divorce battle. Please contact me ASAP. He is by no means a victim, and I’m only sorry his emotional instability has pushed him to these lengths. This false narrative only hurts communities actually impacted by crimes like the one he’s so obviously staged. I am so sorry to all affected by his madness. MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2018 Who is Dr. Mohamed Saleh? Folio Weekly wrote Link[…]

“Me and my brother were walking to school, and sadly someone started assaulting me by cutting my hijab, two times, and I felt very scared….” -11-year-old Canadian Muslim girl was attacked by Islamophobe in Toronto. — CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman) January 13, 2018   Original Police News Release News Release of Hoax    

Article  |  Archive This was found in a restroom at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, Missouri smh. I wish that y’all would control your tiny Hitlers, because we are getting sick of this bullshit. — ✊????Black Aziz aNANsi✊???? (@Freeyourmindkid) November 15, 2017 Tweet

A social media video went viral around campus, where the victim recorded the damage and explicit language that was written on his car. The video shows the N-word written numerous times in different places around his car in black permanent marker. Link | Archive

Occupy Progressive -> “Party of Communists USA” -> Confederate Flag Burner -> “White Nationalist”?