A social media video went viral around campus, where the victim recorded the damage and explicit language that was written on his car. The video shows the N-word written numerous times in different places around his car in black permanent marker. Link | Archive

Victim of hate crime hoax turns out to be a huge Trump supporter. One of the victims, Charles Evers, is a civil rights leader, Trump supporter, and owner of the radio station van that was spray-painted with ‘KKK’. Also, the radio station Host had his house spray-painted and burned. Video Backup Link to article  |  Archive Picture of Charles Evers

In the Federal complaint, the prosecutor stated that in one of Coleman’s letters he said he would dismember the letter recipients wife with a chainsaw and cannibalize her. He also sent a letter to a 16-year-old African-American girl, writing he would rape her, get a chainsaw – cut her legs off – cut her head off, and then cut her father’s genitals off. Link to Mugshot  |  Archive Archive Federal Complaint Plea Agreement